Monday, March 11, 2013

Two Line Reviews - #459

Movie: Ray (2004)

Plot: Ray Charles is a blind Afro-American Jazz music star who peaked to stardom in the 1960s. The film traces his way up in the 50s, the hiccups he had to go through and a slew of incidents in his childhood which made him who he went on to be!

What Works?
  • Taylor Hackford, the maker, has got things right in the way he decides what to concentrate on, in a very inspiring story of a rags to riches pianist! The right mix of music, emotions and fun make this an interesting watch.
  • Jamie Foxx as Ray Charles is excellent and his facial mannerisms remind us of the blind men we may have come across in our lives; His hallucinations of fear, his anger against betrayers and his show of helplessness when he deviates are all so natural that you end up admiring his show!
  • The sound tracks carry the film when it moves closer to falling into the sag-zone traps!
  • Kerry Washington as Della Bea, his wife is classy but the other 2 roles that leave a mark are those of Ray's mother and the kid who plays Ray's childhood self; He's unbelievably emotive!
Ray of(fering) Hope! A very good Biopic!

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