Monday, February 25, 2013

Two Line Reviews - #457

Movie: Ameerin Aadhi Bhagavan (Thamizh, 2013)

Plot: A mafioso betrays his master in a deal and earns his wrath in Thailand. A woman whose life he saved before comes for timely help and takes him to Mumbai. When he is arrested and beaten brutally, he doesn't understand why! When he understands the reason, he sets off on a journey to annihilate those responsible for his sufferings!

What Works?
  • Does anything work at all was the question I had when I was typing the header! Maybe, there are sparks of Ameer (the maker of 3 solid films ranging from good to great) that show up in, say, the way the Heroine's character has been handled consistently and some spark-filled sequences in the 2nd half.
  • The lead pair - 'Jayam' Ravi & Neetu Chandra have put in sincere efforts in their roles as Rani & Bhagavan. Bhagavan would have been a pretty big break for Ravi if the role had had some strong basis! Its effect fades away after the initial few minutes.
  • Yuvan's background score is pretty good & the bits and pieces of Bhagavan Rap make some scenes hold stead!
  • The pre-interval twist was nice ( I didn't guess, even though one of my friends did!)
What Doesn't?
  • My initial guess was that Ameer wanted to make Scarface and seeing rushes of Billa-2, he wanted to alter things a lot! He ends up rubbishing his first half letting it go with too many untied ends!
  • Even the Bhagavan portion doesn't have a lot of crisp episodes; What is shown is cliched and talks less of the purpose of the ruthless villain.
  • Ravi definitely has to take care of his voice modulation. While he tries to be rough in accent, in places, his dialogues make one laugh and later, feel for the lad.
Half-baked. On a second thought,no..not even half! Give it a miss.

Taking on the tag-line 'A Mafioso Action Love Story', my friend said 'Mafioso', 'Action' & 'Love' were there as promised, but not the final item in the list! That sums things up perfectly!

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