Thursday, February 7, 2013

Two Line Reviews - #450

Movie: Django Unchained (2012)

A bounty hunter joins forces with a slave he rescues for the identification of the Brittle brothers for a seemingly rich bounty. He returns the slave the favour by trying to help him out in his mission to rescue his lost lover, who is a slave in the plantation of a ruthless master!

What Works?
  • Simple.Quentin Tarantino works. His choice of story works. His choice of soundtracks work. His presentation & casting work. So does his cameo at the end!
  • The 3 main characters all have their own spaces to prove their mettle. Christoph Waltz takes the first hour, DiCaprio's dining-room skull scene is a screamer & the massive climax belongs to Jamie Foxx!
  • The camera-work and location remind us of the old west cult movies & the sountrack (among others, it has a hip-hop number that suits the west theme as well) is audaciously brilliant!
  • Samuel Lee Jackson is given a nice little role and some of the dialogues are quot-ably ruthless ("I like the way you die boy" for example!)
Imagination Unchained! Another Enticing Revenge Saga from the QT stable!

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