Thursday, February 7, 2013

Two Line Reviews - #452

Movie: Kadal (Thamizh, 2013)

Plot: The life of a young orphan with a rough upbringing turns for good when a Church priest becomes his guiding beacon. Things turn back rough & he is made to shift from the good to the evil when the priest is sentenced for a crime he was not part of, thanks to the work of a satanian evil who shares past memories with the priest.

What Works?
  • Maniratnam tries and tries strenuously to present a biblical tale of the good and the evil creating polar characters to drive the point home. He succeeds too, to an extent in his endeavour. Unlike in Raavanan/ Iruvar - here the parallel that Mani establishes is a story not known to many. It's a pity that the viewer is unable to relate to things and they look abrupt.
  • The technical qualities of the film are unquestionably good offering the peripheral elements of a film to perfection.
  • The taste and spark of Maniratnam show up in bits and pieces (the childhood portions of the hero, the transformation sequence, his scenes with the priest etc.)
  • Arjun as the Satan-obsessed Bible freak revels and Arvind Swamy comes back after quite sometime and shows he is still a solid actor.
  • The debutant Goutham Karthik is quite natural for a first-timer but the same cannot be said of Thulasi who doesn't have much scope.
What Doesn't?
  • The base for the 'good vs evil' is very fragile and that leaves one wanting more when they meet in the climax; Similarly, the hero is neither here nor there towards the end and is as confused as how we feel we are watching it.
  • Lyrics in most of the songs are terribly out-of-context & that is highly surprising coming from the Mani-Vairamuthu-Karky combine.
Not up there but pretty decent.

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