Monday, February 25, 2013

Two Line Reviews - #456

Movie: Amour (or) Love (French, 2012)

Plot: An elderly 'over-the-80s' couple lead an independent life. When the wife undergoes a stroke and gets paralysed on one side, the mutual love they share comes to the fore to make them sail through the trouble they face in trying times! A definite tribute to all love stories that have passed the longevity test!

What Works?

  • I have only heard great words about Michael Haneke, the maker so far! After seeing his carefully laid work here, I understand why he is rated as the best film-maker in all of Europe over all the years! He lets us go deep into the characters and makes us enjoy and suffer with them!
  • Jean-Louis Trintignant & Emmanuelle Riva have to be given as much credits as Haneke deserves for living such roles at such an age when you can grasp only so much! They perform unbelievably well!
  • The dialogues within the family and the ones that show the intimacy of the couple are as classy as they come.
  • The impeccable Camerawork that sneeks through their house makes the viewing more special!
Painstakingly moulded Masterpiece! Balu-Mahendra's Veedu types

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