Thursday, April 18, 2013

Two Line Reviews - #466

Movie: Sehar (Hindi, 2005)

Plot: Organized crime runs amuck in Uttar Pradesh in the 90s. A special task force formed face a challenge of the notorious adopting technology. The STF collaborate with a professor on Cellular technology & fight against political & technical odds to nab the last and most threatening of goons.

What Works?
  • Kabeer Kaushik needs to be lauded for this well brought-out, no-nonsense affair adapted based on true incidents. Surprisingly, the film didn't make the noise it probably deserved to!
  • An apt casting led by Arshad Warsi's underplay as Cop Ajay is only strengthened by the presence of Pankaj Kapur, the menacing yet unperturbed villainy of Sushant Singh, the beauty of Mahima Chaudhary and the likes.
  • The film's camerawork is commendable, chasing the action in gripping sequences; Crisp editing, especially during the portions that explain the use of Cellular phones, & solid Backgroun score add value to the end product.
What Doesn't?
  • The ending may have been better; The train shoot--out sequence could have been shown better - The film deserved a better ending.
A Gripping Crime-thriller! Reminds one of Kaakha Kaakha in places.

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