Monday, April 22, 2013

Book Look - #41

TRUE BLUE by David Baldacci
Plot: One of two police sisters is out from jail after serving a sentence on doping charges tailored out on her. The other is on the trail of the murder of a consultant in a litigation firm. With the help of a guy from the firm, the younger one tries to track down the murderer without the knowledge of her elder and things get crazy and their lives are under threat when the story assumes political proportions!

Prime Characters: Beth Perry, Mace Perry, Roy Kingman

  • The sister characters have sets of contrasting & common qualities that keeps them thick & their smart, bold ways carry the trademark Baldacci stamp.
  • The story behind the death & the side-story of the other guy killed keeps the suspense intact and when things tie together, the 'awe' moment is evident for the reader to feel.
  • The tiny misunderstandings between the sisters and how it affects their views on Roy are enjoyable nuggets.
A neat taut thriller with all requisite elements intact.

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