Monday, April 22, 2013

Book Look - #42

EIGHT DAYS TO LIVE by Iris Johansen
Plot: A cult group named 'Sang Noir' decides to chase down an artist and kidnap her for their yearly sacrifice. She understands the root cause of it being an art-work titled 'Guilt' which she had painted. In search of the answers to why that painting had enraged them, she goes searching for answers which lie in the 30 coins Judas got for betraying Jesus Christ! In her search for truth, she is accompanied and guarded by a highly intelligent & cold-blooded acquaintance from the past.

Prime Characters: Jane Macguire, Caleb Shaw, Eve Duncan, Jack Govin, MacDuff, Joe Duncan.

  • Thriller works that tow the 'Conspiracy' line are a delight to read and when that conspiracy is of the proportions of relating to Jesus, it doesn't get much bigger! In that sense, this Iris Johansen work of the Eve Duncan series is a killer.
  • The character of Caleb Shaw, the protector is worth admiring & those of the translator and Jack Govin who helps in the expedition offer a pleasant angle to the story.
  • The insanse Sang Noir group is portrayed well and the chase involving travel to different countries is pulsating.
  • The climax takes place in vivid settings & the portion of the story in Jerusalem makes one relate to Angels & Demons in terms of the level to which the conspiracy takes shape.
A highly enthralling ride to the early A.D. years and back!

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