Monday, April 22, 2013

Book Look - #43

PIGS HAVE WINGS by P.G.Wodehouse
Plot: The beloved Pig of Lord Emsworth needs to be made to win a contest. A competing Pig, owned by Parsloe is made to look fit and fine giving Emsworth's obese pig no chance in the contest. The responsibility of jeopardising Parsloe's plans falls in the hand of the Lord's brother. Amidst the Confusion & commotion that gets caused, does he succeed?!

Prime Characters: Lord Emsworth, Sir Gregor Parsloe, Empress and many more!

  • It is a tough start to get into PGW's diction and writing style but once you cross the barrier, there is no limit for fun! It flows!
  • The sarcasm, queer citations and examples, riotous exchanges inside the Blanding's castle are all thoroughly enjoyable!
  • The scene at the house by the railway line towards the end where the Pig is hidden causes a ruckus and the reader has strings of moments to laugh at!
Power of humour, expressed brilliantly!


  1. Wit in its best form!
    For me, It was more like walking into the castle following Lord Emsworth to catch a glimpse of the good fat pig amongst every chaos! :)

    1. Yes.. The reader is definitely taken into the world PGW has created..