Monday, July 23, 2012

Two Line Reviews - #416

Movie: The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

Eight years after Harvey Dent's death, search is On for the Batman. Bruce Wayne comes out of his self-imposed exile to take on Bane, a forceful opponent who operates from underground who has an eye on the Nuclear energy project of the Wayne Enterprise and a hand on the 'truth' behind Batman.

What Works?

  • After the superhero films that came this year, Christopher Nolan's efforts to idolise the Batman for a third time comes as a relief and offers what superhero films are expected to offer - sensible and intense entertainment!
  • Tom Hardy, as Bane, has a brilliant role and his rugged portrayal with his one-liners and ruthless vengeance is terrific! He comes quite close to Joker and that is a big enough compliment!
  • Christian Bale carries off the Wayne and Batman parts as expected, Gordon Levitt promises to keep the saga going, and both the lead ladies in the film have neatly fitting roles.
  • Bringing in Ra's Al Ghul from part I and tying it up with a gripping portion in this part has worked superbly.
  • Hans Zimmer's prolific background score is pulsating!
What Doesn't?
  • A particular casting decision makes a thing or two predictable.
  • The police going into the dungeon are made to look like fools!
Entertainment Guaranteed; Honestly, not any less & not much more!