Saturday, July 14, 2012

Two Line Reviews - #412

Movie: Billa 2 (Thamizh, 2012)

Plot: David Billa, a refugee from Sri Lanka waltzes his way through to becoming a Don by rising against all odds displaying ruthless, murderous attitude.

What Works?
  • The line toed in following the idea of tracing the life of Billa's past has been good.
  • To some extent, Ajith's fierce body language and screen presence work.
  • Yuvan's background score is revelling at points, at least good at others! RD Rajasekar's camera work has also been good.
  • The effects in the initial title card and Unakkulle Mirugam song are praiseworthy!
  • The main villains do well and the handling of their roles has been pretty good.

What Doesn't?
  • The film's screenplay is as bland as it can get.The sensibilities are completely absent. It is action, gore, murder all the way and creates no impact at all. For an Indian audience, this Latino treatment doesn't work at all.
  • The paunch that Ajith carries, his stoic expressions, gun-mania need to come to a halt, it has gone past the limit! The heroine(who at all?) is a complete joke.
  • The scenes with dialogues come and go like incomplete conversations.
  • Chakri Toleti's direction is amateurish - proof: Pre-interval scene and predictable scenes lifted from the likes of Scarface and The Godfather.
Deja vu Don, this Bland Billa is!