Monday, July 16, 2012

Two Line Reviews - #413

Movie: Family Plot (1976)

Plot: A phony spiritualist and her boyfriend try to track a person upon success of which they are bound to get $10,000 from a woman who seeks the person for making him heir to her property. The guy they are after happens to be a kidnapper/diamond smuggler. When they successfuly chase him down for the right reasons, he understands they are behind him for the wrong reasons and it gets them into deep trouble!

What Works?
  • A typical plot that has loads of suspense and action has been handled impeccably again by Alfred Hitchcock - 40 years after he started making films and his touch hasn't been lost!
  • The actors - the con-woman, her reluctant cab driver friend, the cunning smuggler, his aides have all performed aplaudably well.
  • The suspense around the buried Eddy Shoebridge and the tracking of it via Maloney is the best block of the lot!
  • John Williams' music is haunting enough and the camera work is of top quality making it a superb thriller to watch.
In his last Hurrah, Hitchcock doesn't fail to impress!