Monday, July 2, 2012

Two Line Reviews - #410

Movie: The Mist (2007)

Plot: There is a mystery in the mist that shrouds a little town. Many of the townsmen are held up in a super market and all hell breaks loose when a store boy gets eaten up by what appears to be a tentacle of an unknown being! Upon severe distress, many turn fanatically religious and the escape plans of the rational few fall on deaf ears - What follows is utterly calamitous!

What Works?
  • It has definitely got to be the imagination on how a clueless life threatening situation can take the civilised man back to his barbarian roots; The film based on Stephen King's novel presents an interesting premise to dwell on that topic!
  • The portions inside the supermarket with the multiple views and the dreadful events are gripping.
  • The hero & his kid, the super-store assistant manager, the teacher, the old man and the biblical lady have prominent roles to essay.
  • The anti-climax is bloody ironic and touchy and the eerie music for this portion is a good fit.
What Doesn't?
The reason that is told for the mist and the deadly creature is weak to a point of being ridiculous.

When calamity strikes, beware of 'Mankind' - Well told!