Saturday, July 14, 2012

Two Line Reviews - #411

Movie: Torn Curtain(1966)

Plot: An American scientist goes to East Germany to get details on the revelations a German scientist has done on Nuclear power before the Russians buy him out. He goes into the iron curtain posing as an impostor but before he gets out, his true intentions are known making it difficult for him to come out of the curtain.

What Works?

  • An Alfred Hitchcock film, it seems, never fails to impress with the suspense it promises to deliver.
  • Paul Newman faithfully follows the Hitchcock hero grace earlier shown by the likes of Cary Grant & Stewart.
  • The iron-will of his girl aide Sarah is another winner; The beautiful Julie Andrews is adorable.
  • Characters such as Lindt, Kromer & the Polish lady stay in memory for long.

Super Suspense!