Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Two Line Reviews - #414

Movie: The Gods Must Be Crazy (English & Afrikaans, 1980)
Plot: Bushmen living in Kalahari-an Africa who know nothing on the existence of fellow beings elsewhere get introduced to feelings such as competition, fight etc.thanks to a 'Coke' bottle that lands in their midst .Their leader decides to travel to earth's end to throw the 'evil thing' away. On his way, he is helped by a scientist when he lands in trouble, who he promptly returns the favour to, by saving his girl and school children held captive by a terrorist outfit!

What Works?
  • The movie is magical! Its comedy sparkles, its characters captivate, its treatment is interesting & its message is BIG! So, cheers to Jamie Uys, its maker.
  • The bushman N!xau gives a picture of how human race would be if societies hadn 't got a chance to interact! He is adorable!
  • The scenes between Steyn and the teacher Ms. Thompson is a laugh riot! Adding to the humour is the bearded aide of Steyn.
  • The narrative works & the hyper-speed visuals shown at times works too!
  • Crazy scenes such as the Jeep taking to the tree, the tree bending when a Lion tries to get the bearded man are sure to get a laugh out of the stern-faced too!
A treat, for the crazy person inside every human!