Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Two Line Reviews - #417

Movie: Topaz (1969)

Plot: During the cold war, a neutral French spy tries to help the Americans in understanding what the Russians are up to in Cuba. In the process, he jeopardises his family-life, his estranged love and his own life. Operation 'Topaz' reveals much more than what he had sought!

What Works?
  • This Hitchcock film, in its own right, deserves as much recognition as some of his other spy classics have got. It is gripping, full of interesting twists!
  • The actors are unknown to me, but they deliver in sheer Hitchcock-actors style. The characters such as the florist, the Cuban comrade, the Russian agent, the crippled-french are typical HC surprises!
  • The passionate intimacy between the hero and the Cuban informer works brilliantly! So does the 'Don''s like background theme.
  • The muted scene when the florist approaches the comrade's assistant, the final few scenes are novel and classy!

As sharp as the 'Topaz' stone!