Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Two Line Reviews - #323

Movie: Don 2 (Hindi,2011)

Plot: The Don is back in action after a hiatus. This time, he is a headache to a drug cartel who aim to wash him off; He washes them off and plans a heist on a German bank to get his hands on its note imprinting plate. This he does with his aide Vardaan and is trailed and troubled,as usual, by Roma. When the heist goes well, there is betrayal! Don loses the battle but wins the war sending across a message to get ready for Don 3!

  • With his ruthless villainy and style as Don, Shahrukh yet again impresses in the sequel; His punch verses are enjoyable & he has put some nice effort in the stunt sequences.
  • The visuals and stunts are spectacular - the aerial and long shots capturing the cities of Kualalumpur, Singapore, Zurich, Berlin show them in all their glory.
  • The twist in the climax (it is nowhere close to that in Don) , though predictable to an extent, is convincing.
Farhan Akhtar misses the bus in plotting the story and screenplay. There is no story at all and the sequences shown are already seen in many films before.

Nowhere near Part-1 but the King is definitely back after the Ra.One debacle!