Thursday, December 15, 2011

Two Line Reviews - #307

Movie: Inside Job (Documentary,2010)
Plot: The film traces the roots of the Global Economic Recession of 2008 and how leading U.S. Banks and Financial Cos. like Lehmann Bros.,Goldman Sachs, Merill Lynch etc. got trapped in the web created by their own selves in an attempt to find ways to create wealth.

  • The Iceland prologue sets up the base wonderfully for this Ferguson directed, Matt Damon narrated documentary.
  • The way things such as the securitisation food chain are explained make it an easy and understandable watch even for the uninformed.
  • The kind of research done is quite evident from the footages shown & the digs taken at the leading Executives of the major banks by mentioning they denied speaking for the film are worth a mention.

Learning the '08 Recession made easy.