Monday, December 19, 2011

Two Line Reviews - #310

Movie: Match Point (2005)

Plot: A tennis pro gets acquainted with the sister of a person he coaches, gets into their family & suddenly gets a feel for the lady of the man he coaches for. His not-so-enthusing family life and the opportunity to mix with the girl of his liking take him to trouble - to the point of a planned perpetration!

  • Like in Prestige, the premise that is set (with the let cord luck) in the very first minute gets captured in the very last stages of the film.
  • This is a mature, no-nonsense Woody Allen film and when things gather momentum, it qualifies as a suspense film.
  • The guilt-ridden Meyers, Goode, Emily et al. come up with convincing performances & the passionate and furious scenes involving Meyers & Scarlett Johansson are the film's marquee scenes.
  • The twist & the re-twist at the Police officer building in the climax is brilliant.
From romance to suspense, the transition is terrific.