Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Two Line Reviews - #317

Movie: Scoop (2006)

Plot: A dead reporter gets a scoop on a serial killer and his spirit gives the scoop to an amateur reporter who, along with a street magician, try to solve it by tracing and tracking a wealthy handsome tycoon who they are after.

  • It comes as a rude shock that the film is badly rated on IMDb as it is highly engaging and is one of the better films to watch without one losing interest over its course.
  • The brilliance of Woody Allen is everywhere to see - the screenplay,dialogues and direction are exemplary.
  • Add to that his own performance as the wrong-side-driving-fearing guy who moves on from a scared-to-death magician to a curious one trying to solve the case.
  • The pretty Scarlett Johansson and the hunk Hugh Jackman perform amply well to suit the film's mood as well.
A taut thriller, easily made in typical Woody Allen style!