Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Two Line Reviews - #321

Movie: Love and Death (1975)

Plot: Russia goes to war and along with it takes a timid, war-hating crackpot where he surprises all and sundry by playing pivot in Russia's war victory. When he gets back home, he yearns for the love of his cousin who seems to have loved every other person in the country! They fnally become a couple and when another war approaches, they decide to disguise as spanish diplomats and try to assassinate Napolean!

  • Woody's take on what is love and how one experiences death is quite impressive,with more focus on love than on death!
  • The fast paced narrative and the introductory scenes are full of sarcastic comedy taking digs on Russia and war and are funny to the core.
  • The complex dialogues that Woody and Diane exchange are downright funny and brilliant!
  • The Napolean assassination plotting scenes add to the fun and provide a climax to enjoy.
Dostoyevsky, a terrific funny character!