Friday, December 23, 2011

Two Line Reviews - #314

Movie: Mounaguru (Thamizh,2011)

Plot: A group of policemen accidentally happen to get a chance to cover up a case that would present them with a 6 crore loot. When one of the policemen's conversation is recorded and the group gets blackmailed, they plan things hastily leading to mistakes after mistakes. One such mistake - taking the life of a silent college student for granted - costs them dearly in the end.

  • Debutant director Santhakumar deserves applause for presenting a heavy no-nonsense script with an engaging screenplay within the commercial format and delivering a quality product at that!
  • The hero's honest characterisation justifies the Coelho philosophy of 'whole world conspiring to help him'.
  • The casting appears apt with nice performances from Arulnidhi,John Vijay & his group of wrongdoing policemen, Uma Riaz, Iniya & the rest.
  • The dialogues pack a punch at places (eg. the scene where he speaks with and spanks the doctor with belt) and the characters in the hero's family appear realistic.
  • Thaman's songs carry the heard-before feeling but with a good background score, he impresses. So do the photographer and Editor.

At one point towards the end, the case solves by itself and the probing that Uma does after that seems unnecessary.

A taut crime-thriller; Laudable effort!