Saturday, September 17, 2011

Two Line Reviews - #277

Movie: ...And Justice for All (1979)

Plot: A sincere lawyer is disgusted with the corruptible forces in his profession and is at trouble with his superiors for being just that. When the judge he most despises gets caught in a scandalous tangle & he is being forced to defend the judge, things heat up!

  • Norman Jewison comes up with a simple yet interesting storyline to throw light on corruption, racism et al. that exist in the judicial framework. The non-complex method of writing strikes an emotional chord easily.
  • Al Pacino, in another riveting role, lives the Arthur Kirkland he plays - His haplessness,disgust and the final speech of outburst to the jury are top-notch stuff synonymous of Al Pac!
  • The roles of the senior take-it-easy judge & the battered lawyer who tonsures make their point crisply.
Classy,touching & noble!

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