Saturday, September 17, 2011

Two Line Reviews - #278

Movie: Scarecrow (1973)

Plot: Two hitch-hikers of contrasting characters meet on the way, get acquainted on the way to the extent that they decide on becoming partners in a business. That's when things take a turn and they end up in a penitentiary roughening the bond. When they get back together, a final ironic twist culminates the tale.

  • The perspectives that the two prime characters offer & the Scarecrow example to elucidate the two view points was impressive and the director/writer duo deserve praise for that.
  • Al Pacino, as the fun-loving son-searching optimist, rocks in his feel-good role and brings out a bucket of enthusiasm to the proceedings.
  • Gene Hackman, as the sturdy short-tempered & confident guy, shows the veteran that he is & it's a joy to watch the two share screen space.
  • Some of the scenes were particularly gripping - the scenes at the bar, the one with the gay & the final climax at the fountain!
Travel tales don't come much better!

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