Friday, September 30, 2011

Two Line Reviews - #285

Movie: Frost/Nixon (2008)

Plot: US President Richard Nixon's forced resignation from power due to the 'Watergate' taping controversy sees him go exile to West where he works on his revival strategies. Meanwhile, a UK based TV Show host sees the potential that an interview with the controversial Nixon would have and risks to go broke to get it done. His initial recordings don't provide him fodder but cometh the hour, he strikes!


  • With rigid,stone-faced yet expressive body language, Frank Langella scores big time in his role of the American President.
  • Michael Sheen, who looks like Adam Gilchrist in the film, oozes passion as the ebullient interviewer.
  • The narrative format employed by Ron Howard suits & sets the film's mood; Hans Zimmer's background score gives able company ( The end credits track is noteworthy).

Evasive President & Exuberant Presenter -  Electrifying end product!

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