Saturday, September 17, 2011

Two Line Reviews - #279

Movie: Stanley Ka Dabba(Hindi, 2011)

Plot: A snapshot of the school-lives of children - their classes, different kinds of teachers they encounter, the omnipresent,ever-important lunch boxes, the teacher who's madly after one of those lunch boxes & a talented student devoid of a lunch box and how he is hurt for not having one.

  • The movie is as refreshing as the kids shown and the food items that appear in their lunch boxes! Amole Gupta, after his stirring Taare Zameen Par, comes up with a light-hearted school film that is enjoyable in its own right.
  • The protagonist Stanley & his friends - they perform so naturally that it shocks when one gets to know that the filming was done with rehearsals and shoots with amateurs only on weekends!
  • The message that is delivered is genuine and that makes the protagonist Stanley an inspiration!
Well, the stereotypes employed in characterising teachers ( a strict south indian who dresses up and behaves extremely unlike south-indian & the exaggerated food-maniac that the Hindi teacher, played by Amole himself, is shown to be)

Delicious content this Dabba has!

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