Sunday, September 18, 2011

Two Line Reviews - #281

Movie: The Insider (1999)

Plot: An R&D executive of a leading tobacco firm is fired for questioning the ethics of his firm. When a journalist from a popular TV show coaxes him to blow the whistle, he accepts it risking his personal life. When all's done, the TV channel heads intervene and prevent the telecast of the show. The journalist tries to go the last mile to see to it that his whistle-blower mate's work doesn't go waste & faces hell of a lot of trouble in doing so.

  • Credits to Michael Mann and team for bringing out a neat,crisp tale of corporate fraud and the intricacies involved in bringing such things out.
  • Al Pacino, as the pro journo Lowell Bergman, plays a brilliant role; He looks Old, He looks Jaded - yes, but few can surpass the command he has over the screen and it shows!
  • Russell Crowe plays his role of a blackmailed,confused,troubled yet ethical executive to perfection & shows how classy he can be.
  • The music & cinematography are of high quality and are definite plus points of the film.
An intense,perfect portrayal of corporate crime & what follows!

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