Sunday, September 18, 2011

Book Look - #26


Plot: An investigative journalist, fed up of his continent-hopping routine, looks for soul-searching with a long travel from NY to LA in a two-pronged Amtrak train service. His travel plans get twisted to such an extent that he meets his lost/broken lover from his past, writes a story for a director, marries a couple off & helps when the train gets trapped atop a mountain pass in a snow avalanche caused by a wild blizzard. At the end of the process, some soul-searching he does, and earns his lost love back!

  • The plot is extremely unique. A romantic novel that is completely unromantic in the usual sense & hence, doesn't bore! With his picturesque descriptions of people,places and personification of a train akin to a living being, Baldacci has presented a thoroughly pleasing travelogue.
  • The character of Tom Langdon, the parallelisms with Mark Twain & his moments with the co-passengers are cherishable.
  • The final scenes at the pass & the sweet twists in the climax are pretty enjoyable as well.
A sweet tale of Travel,Train,Adventure & Romance!

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