Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Two Line Reviews - #276

Movie: Mankatha ( Thamizh, 2011)

Plot: Four amateurs plan to 'sting' 500 crores of laundered betting money. When a suspended police officer gets to know this, he joins the gang & they get hold of the amount. They postpone segregation of the loot thanks to the watchful eyes of police crew working on betting scams. One gets caught by the police, two escape with the money & the other two have to deal with the police & the betrayers in tandem.

  • Another ear-deafening, frenzied first day first show experience of a Thala film! Mankatha is Ajith's show all the way - With his effervescent screen presence, ruthless badmouthing & some cunning action, he deservedly steals the show to such an extent that scenes without him seem dragging. His looks,even with simple costumes & a not so fitter body, being so much better than some 6-packers is something that defies normalcy!
  • The film has its share of joyous, action-packed sequences ably supported by good music & cinematography.
  • Arjun, Trisha, Jayaprakash & newcomer Ganesh are the others who impress.
  • Venkat Prabhu & his usual team have restricted their Thala devotion to an extent that there isn't much idolising; At the same time, the film gives a bite here and there for the hardcore fans (For example, the scene when multiple Ajiths plan with the theme running in the background).
  • In one way, the final twist is good to enjoy at the instant when it is shown.
  • The action is too much to take. There is so much of gun fight shown ( which took me during a gun fight sequence to the question on when an Ajith film was devoid of any scenes with a gun. The answer I got was 'Mugavari' & even after the few minutes I took to get the answer, the bullet flow from the guns had not ended!)
  • Ajith , to an extent, has been under-utilised in the film. He could have had much more scope to show his villainy; If only there were lesser characters in the film!
  • Premgi & Mahath - Absolutely poorly made roles! Their characters are what make the film a 'pethal'; Even in the midst of a serious scene, they get to act in seriously questionable funny levels.
  • The final twist, in the context of the scenes shown before in the entire film, lacks any logic.
A typical Venkat Prabhu 'Pethal' film; Nevertheless, enjoyable for Ajith's devious daredevilry!

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