Monday, August 15, 2011

Book Look - #25

PAPER MONEY by Ken Follett

Plot: Two conniving men blackmail a Government agent for upping their wealth. One is interested in buying majority shares at a firm following the insider's tip forced by the other guy; In return, the other guy gets info on a van carrying used paper notes worth millions of pounds. A newspaper agency covers these stories & after a while figures out that the events are all interconnected but a volteface in the end sees to it that the pressmen can't do a thing about the scandulous forgery.

  • An early caper of Ken Follett, Paper Money is exactly what it is meant to be - a light crisp narration on money related fraudulence.
  • The prime characters are many in number - atleast 7-8 - and a linear narration of events from each of their angles adds muscle to the work.
  • The characters & the events are all depicted at a shallow level of detail & that somehow works in the book's favour. 
  • The heroic roles of the men from the Press is a tribute to the profession.

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