Sunday, August 7, 2011

Two Line Reviews - #274

Movie: Dheivathirumagan (Thamizh, 2011)

Plot: A person whose mental growth is retarded at 5 years isn't bothered by his ailment when it comes to fostering his daughter. The duo's bond breaks under unfortunate circumstances when the kid's maternal custodians take her away from him. With his relentless efforts & a lawyer's help, he presents his case of an able caretaker on court & ,finally,wins; only to make a sane decision at the end!

  • Vijay presents a moving,emotional film; Inspired by I am Sam, except for 2-3 direct scene lift-offs, the film has been tweaked a lot (especially in the second half) and the smart screenplay ensures that the film reaches its target audience.
  • Vikram - as Krishna from Avalanchi - plays his role to perfection , proving yet again that he's the next big thing (though a distant second) after Kamal. His mannerisms,voice tone are consistent right through the film which is a must & he takes care of all that with ease.
  • The little girl Sarah is charming, cute, acts well and that makes her an instant darling.
  • GV Prakash's songs and background score are significant points in the film - The theme & the Vennilave off-shoot background scores which get played time and again warrant a mention! 
  • The entire courtroom portion & the scenes from 'The Park' hotel were shoddy & bring down the quality of the film to an extent.
  • The climax act between the father & daughter were highly emotional - true. But 'Was it substantial?' for a sudden change in decision from all parties remains a question.
Good, infact, a very good film, but has been enjoying more appreciations than what it probably deserves!

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