Sunday, August 7, 2011

Two Line Reviews - #273

Movie: Rain Man (1988)

Plot: When an old man dies, his long-absconded son returns to get hold of his share from his dead father's property but the father's Will reveals the presence of an autistic brother who doesn't understand what 'money' means. The journey intended to get the share from his brother eventually paves the way for an unshakeable brother bonding!

  • The 3 prime characters in the film are etched quite well & that is a big plus. The shift in the audacious businessman's character from a pure monetary beast to an emotional brother is shown to happen gradually making it work.
  • Dustin Hoffmann wins the viewer's heart with his body-language, tone & the uniformity he brings into it in all the scenes.
  • Tom Cruise, as the short-tempered bizman, & his lover have beautiful roles and have done well.
  • The rain-man flashback angle paves the way for the genuineness of the emotional connect.
An Admirable show of brother bonding!

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