Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mankatha Da!

It's been an year since the start of the film's shooting. The film has seen a lot of firsts.
  • Thala gutsily coming on with his off-screen look sporting grey hair et al.
  • The film's producer,director and other crew members have set the trend with some aggressive social network marketing. Mankatha is all over the place on Orkut, Twitter & Facebook. This is sure to be followed by other film makers soon.
After a period of lull, the release of a single song from the album brought some publicity.
The trailer has been 'Bang-On' in achieving what it was aimed at - Shouting out loud that Ajith plays a negative role in the film.The audio of the film has its share of good & not so good songs but when has an Ajith film relied on music - an eternal curse, probably!

With the recent news of the film shifting from Cloud Nine to Studio Green to a combination of 'Cloud Nine-Sun Pictures-Red Giant', the limelight is off the film's star. Hope the fellows donot do an 'overkill' with their promotions.
He might be off the radar when the cards are being played by politicians but come what may, the theatres will be thronged by audience on Aug 31st - not for cloud nine, not for Sun, not for Trisha,Arjun, Yuvan, Venkat prabhu; not even for 'Mankatha'. It will be for the man who celebrates his 50th film! Hoping that Mankatha comes out as a quality product & sustains the massive opening that is sure to be bestowed upon it by the legion of Thala fans across the state. Thala deserves that Big Break on a milestone film. It's been years!

Thala - Give yourself more, give us more!!

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