Sunday, August 7, 2011

Two Line Reviews - #270

Movie: Bullets Over Broadway (1994)

Plot: A budding writer is forced to give chance to a useless actress wife of a don for getting the financial support for a film he wishes to cast some promising names. When these actors rehearse, the don's aide - a bodyguard to the wife-actress - corrects some badly written scenes & soon it becomes a norm with the aide becoming the writer & the writer becoming a help-seeker.

  • The message - the difference of looking at things wearing a different hat - is superbly delivered by Allen & the title is a brilliant fit.
  • John Cusack & Chazz play the main roles convincingly & Dianne West reminds one of Sunset Boulevard's protagonist.
  • The screenplay, which gradually shifts focus from the rehearsals to the message, is smartly knitted.
An unconventional Woody Allen film!

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