Thursday, April 14, 2011

Two Line Reviews - #218

Movie: Sisters (1973)

Plot: A TV show actor who visits a fellow model at her place is brutally murdered by her twin sister. The model , with her ex-husband cover up the action by removing all clues when the police get in. But, an editor from the neighbourhood is certain to have seen the last seconds of the murdered person and is relentless in her chase for clues. Finally, when she discovers the mystery there are surprises aplenty!

  • Brian de Palma's story has all that needs to be in a suspense thriller and the screenplay is racy without any branch-offs which is a plus.
  • The camera angles employed, Bernard Herrmann's music and some the split-screen method of showing the action suit the film's tempo perfectly.
  • The performance of the Danielle twin and that of the writer are notably good.
It wouldn't have taken so much to find the suspect if the dead man was found missing by his family. That angle is totally missing.

Delivers substantial suspense resembling Hitchcock's style.

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