Saturday, April 2, 2011

Two Line Reviews - #202

Movie: Marnie (1964)

Plot: Marnie is a seasoned thief,a liar and a victim of psychological troubles. When she tries to do her con work on a rich Philadelphia businessman, he falls in love with her and even marries her. She is later made to know that he had already knew a bit of her past and his careful investigation helps in finding the cause of her thievery acts and in discovering her true self.

  • To me, this stands right up there with the best works of Alfred Hitchcock. It is as good as the highly acclaimed films of his making its low popularity a mystery. A tactful and intense presentation makes it work big time.
  • It is Sean Connery in the early days of his career and as the rich and persuasive businessman, he is rock-solid and his dialogue delivery deserves a special mention.
  • Tippi Hedren as Marnie lives her role and plays a crucial role in making the film very interesting.
  • Bernard Herrmann's grand music,the amazing camera angles & crisp dialogues are admirable.
One of Hitchcock's very best works!

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