Monday, April 4, 2011

Two Line Reviews - #204

Movie: The Kid (1921)

Plot: A lady orphans her illicit child and a poor Chaplin finds the kid on the streets. After failed efforts on trying to pass the burden elsewhere, he finds a note attached to the baby and decides to parent the orphan. After five years of an affectionate bonding, the mother finds her son and Chaplin and the kid react to it!

  • The emotions run high in this Chaplin film. In that way, it is very different. A touching narration helps.
  • The kid who plays 'the kid' has acted unbelievably well and that is what ensures an emotional viewer involvement.
  • Chaplin is at his best as usual; with his pranks and expressions alike.
  • The scene where the men from the asylum try to get the kid from Chaplin is very very special!
A surprising Emotional stunner from Chaplin!

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