Saturday, April 9, 2011

Two Line Reviews - #213

Movie: Frenzy (1972)

Plot: In London, a neck-tie murderer is on the run and he keeps murdering young women, strangling them with a tie. Strong evidence gets gathered against a short-tempered bartender. When two of the murdered women are his ex-wife and his girlfriend, the police convict him. That's when the police chief suspect someone else too and the original killer gets caught in the end.

  • An amazingly written story that could happen even in today's world; That is topped by the brilliant direction of Alfred Hitchcock with his usual spooky, suspenseful treatment.
  • The performers are the characters who play the suspect killer and the killer.
  • The wonderful side-track of the police sergeant chief and his cuisine loving wife is humourous and enticing too!
Yet again, Hitchcock weaves his magic!

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