Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Two Line Reviews - #216

Movie: White Heat (1949)

Plot: A well-planned train robbery involving $300,000 is followed by lack of any money laundering  and eventually lack of clue for the police. Things get tougher for them when the suspect claims to have robbed elsewhere during that incident. The police tackle this tricky situation by sending an undercover agent as an inmate to the suspect in jail. He earns his trust,partners him in a jailbreak and a burgle plan & finally helps them nab the entire criminal network!

  • The intelligent script and screenplay make this film a treat to watch.
  • The mutually possessive mother son duo is brilliant; Especially James Cagney as the criminal Cody Jarette with his tactful ways and superiority complex puts up - in his own dialogue - a 'top of the world' show.
  • The police strategies of tracing the whereabouts of the criminals were interesting to watch.
  • The heated-up conversations add to the entertainment offered.
Classy thriller - A blast from the past.

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