Saturday, April 9, 2011

Two Line Reviews - #212

Movie: Hereafter (2010)

Plot: A french TV editor miraculously escapes from the jaws of death by surviving a Tsunami; In UK, a kid loses his twin brother in an accident; A man in San Francisco has the unimaginable gift (or curse) of connecting with dead ones. The first two seek the truth behind the existence of a life after death and their problems get solved when the third comes their way.

  • An endearingly made film on a gloomy & hitherto untouched subject. Clint Eastwood takes all that is necessary to give the right amount of emotions, suspense and content to it.
  • Matt Damon, the kid and the french woman - the pivotal characters are perfectly sketched and they play their roles with aplomb. Matt Damon especially; The pride he shows as a Dickens fan is natural action at its best.
  • The graphics showing the Tsunami is of lofty standards!
  • The way the incidents are connected, though seen before, is apt for a subject like this.
Melancholic & Memorable; Ignored for no reasons for the Oscars last year..

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