Sunday, April 3, 2011

Two Line Reviews - #203

Movie: The Birds (1963)

Plot: In a bay-side town in California, migratory birds of different feathers flock together in attacking the public residents. The plight that a particular family undergoes is showcased in this unusual thriller.

  • The concept is a winner! The dreadful scenario of What would happen if birds unite and start attacking human beings is told by Hitchcock and Co in a manner that would shock and shake the viewer. My admiration for Hitchcock now knows no bounds.
  • The performances of the Brenner family - Man,mother & sister is highly convincing; The fear enacted by them is realistic.
  • 'Tippi' Hedren is brilliant in her role. It is very surprising to note that it is her debut film.
  • The graphics (or however it was called in the 60s) of showing the bird attacks & the fire-accident are highly commendable.
The end is very much 'open-ended' and that lessens the impact to an extent.

Not many films are eerier than this Hitchcock classic!

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