Friday, January 28, 2011

Two Line Reviews - #167

Movie: Serpico (1973)

Plot: A honest Bronx cop keeps getting transferred to different positions thanks to his righteous ways and when he unveils a huge money laundering scam involving officers at all levels, he earns the betrayal of his department and gets a bullet. Finally, his relentlessness pays off , only at the expense of the profession he loves.

  • Al Pacino's impeccable role of 'Frank Serpico'. With all the getups,looks & above all a terrific performance it isn't surprising to note that a lot of Kamal's body language and roles in his movies of 80s have been inspired by this legend.
  • The engaging screenplay of the writers and Sidney Lumet's direction with sequences of raging outpour sandwiched between nonchalant scenes.
  • Music,fire-powered dialogs,locations & Al's costumes are good too.
A highly under-rated film. Watch this for Al Pacino and his inspiring role.

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