Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Two Line Reviews -#163

Movie: Fargo (1995)

Plot: A man badly in need of money hires kidnappers to kidnap his wife so that he can share the ransom that he could get from his father-in-law. Only he doesn't know that the kidnappers are two weird characters who end up killing unknown people in the process. A shrewd policewoman on their trail nab the culprits finally.

  • The Coen Brothers' screenplay makes this simple story tick. Though there aren't many twists, it makes for an interesting watch.
  • The characters of the two kidnappers & the pregnant police-woman.
  • The mindblowing soundtrack 'North Dakota' that comes and goes time and again in the background.
Too many ends appear to have been left untied.

 A decent film that falls in an unusual 'Humour-thriller' genre.

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