Sunday, January 30, 2011

Book Look - #10


Plot: A man with an awkwardly disfigured face, leaves from France to America carrying a part of the secret life he'd had in France. With his smart and tacky ways, he creates an empire of his own and through a letter from his caretaker in France , he comes to know of the startling other half of the secret. This makes him use his second love- the opera to bring from France his first love - the opera singer he loved & a pack of surprises get unveiled.

  • I didn't know, when I picked this book, that it was a sequel to a book written by another author. But a crisp epilogue and an astonishingly imaginative story makes this a brilliant work to be read.
  • The narration style employed is unique - Each chapter narrated by different characters that form the story; a narration with very little contribution by conversations; a narration where all the characters come from various walks of life in the society - GRIPPING!
  • The shattering revelations and a special climax make this a superb page-turner.

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