Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Two Line Reviews - #159

Movie: Baanaa Kaathadi (Thamizh,2010)
Plot: A slum-dwelling kaathadi expert falls in love with a college girl who he had got acquainted with accidentally. A disastrous twist when he proposes causes a rucus between the two and in the meanwhile he witnesses the murder of a politician which adds to his troubles. When the lover duo finally settle their differences, the murderers are ready to kill their beloved witness.

  • The director makes a fresh and promising debut. The characterisations of the hero heroine pair (with their honesty,self-respect and pride) are remarkably good and Atharva & Samantha have done well.
  • The slum sequences are filmed well. Not exaggerated like it is done in many films. Prasanna,Mounica & Karunaas' roles are good. The 'pen-drive' comedy scenes were good too.
  • The colourful visuals and ear-pleasing music add to the positives.
  • Given the feel-good factor, the climax could have been different.
  • The unwanted item number towards the end - Don't know why these producers make such senseless,tasteless demands these days.
Verdict: Decent timepass,Worth a watch.

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