Friday, January 14, 2011

Two Line Reviews - #160

Movie: The Fighter (2010)

Plot: The elder brother loses his opportunity at becoming big in boxing thanks to his cracking. He trains his younger bro who always idolises his big bro. The duo get off track due to the unruly ways of big bro but just as the opportunity of a title shot knocks the door of the younger one, they regroup and knock things out.

  • The way the film gains tempo is terrific. A solid setup is established followed by a resurgence - Perfect recipe for an inspiring boxing film.
  • A film on Brother bondage and that makes this so very special. Christian Bale with his antics & Wahlberg with his laconic performance steal the show. Bale's work is oscar-worthy.
  • The climax boxing encounter & the regrouping scene (of the three main characters ) that precedes the climax.
Verdict: A Brilliant 'Boxing-Brothers' film,Warrants a watch.

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