Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Two Line Reviews - #448

Movie: Lincoln (2012)

Plot: The movie is a record of Lincoln's resolve in getting the Bill on 13th amendment related to the abolition of Slavery passed in the cabinet.

What Works?
  • Steven Spielberg shall spit and I might end up liking watching it! This one's no spit by the way. The film narrates a historically significant event in American Politics and gives the attention to detail the event deserves.
  • Daniel Day-Lewis as Lincoln amazes one with his realistic portrayal and voice modulation! Bad that he hasn't done as many films as one would feel someone of his calibre should have done. He showcases Lincoln stubbornness and persuasive skills quite effortlessly.
  • In a cameo is Tommy Lee Jones and his portion is typically enjoyable Spielberg stuff!
  • The core technical team of Spielberg never changes and this film is one more reason as to why the longevity of the combination makes sense.
  • The voting scene at the cabinet is that one scene anyone would love watching.
What Doesn't?
  • More than Lincoln, the focus is on the Amendment and a lot of minute details are difficult to understand for anyone ignorant(like me) of the politics surrounding it.
  • Same is the case with the details shown on his wife and sons; It sends a message but it seems irrelevant.
A neat and carefully researched and executed record of a historical event!

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