Monday, January 28, 2013

Two Line Reviews - #443

Movie: Arsenic and the Old Lace (1943)

Plot: A man discovers that his aunts are compulsive murderers and when he discovers, murder madness runs in the family, he shudders and his impending marriage is about to collapse! If you thought this concept couldn't be presented humourously, better think again! This film does it and how!

What Works?
  • A day spent watching a Capra film, is a day well-spent! The sheer confidence of Frank Capra in weaving a weird murder story in the comedy genre and delivering it the way he wishes to makes one love the maker's abilities!
  • Cary Grant performs wonderfully in the role of a troubled nephew and his spontaneous and nonsensical one-liners and reactions definitely bring more than a few laughs in us!
  • The sisters are ridiculously brilliant and the comedy of errors the criminal brother and his doctor friend (who again marvels in his role) bring about add to the riot; So does the President-wannabe!
  • Dialogues are aptly written, contribute majorly to the fun and is a big plus.
A classic comic caper, Typical Capra style!

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