Monday, January 28, 2013

Two Line Reviews - #440

Movie: Vozvrashchenie (or) The Return (Russian, 2003)

Plot: Two kids living under the tutelage of their mother are surprised by the visit of their never-before-seen father. In a journey spanning a few days over fishing and riding, thir emotions come out in contrasting styles and merge towards the end!

What Works?
  • Firstly, the characters who have played the roles deserve all the accolades; Amazing performances by all three prime characters and the younger kid walks away as the best! Outstanding show by him!
  • The strange plot aided by a suspenseful narration is refreshing to the senses and appreciations to the film's director Andrey Zvyagintsev and its writers.
  • The cinematography is of top notch quality and a nice lesson for aspirants for the colours used perfectly suit the mood!

Psychic Suspense delivered in an unperturbed fashion!

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