Monday, January 28, 2013

Two Line Reviews - #445

Movie: The Thing (1982)

Plot: In an American camp in Antarctica, a dog that escapes the assault of a Swedish camp gets its shelter. The dog is found to have been a reproduced form of an alien. When the campers understand the alien can transform itself into any form, the mutual trust they share breaks and each one suspects the other to have become a victim! Does sanity prevail in the end?

What Works?
  • The film has two wonderful layers; The superficial Sci-fi one which explains how life threatening the situation is for those involved has been written ordinarily but captured brilliantly with nice mutated replicants of real-life forms; They surely offer the thrills!
  • The core of it centers around how delicate yet important trust is and how things fall out once trust quits the scene and John Carpenter brings this intensity out of his characters very well!
  • Kurt Russell is at the centre of the action and performs admirably as the leader of the pack.
  • The music and neat camerawork complement the work on screen.
Marvelous Sci-fi thriller, A must-watch!

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